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Debt collection

Client prepares the portfolio forming the subject matter of the contract

Portfolio analysis, we define the purchase price

We present an offer to buy the accounts receivable

Assignment of the accounts receivable and transaction execution

Transfer of funds to the Client’s account

The GetBack Group consists of its parent company GetBack S.A. and its subsidiaries. The Group operates in the debt collection industry. Its operations include among others:

  • buying accounts receivable portfolios,
  • managing investment portfolios consisting of the accounts receivable of closed-end investment funds, also running debt collection proceedings to precipitate repayment of the accounts receivable undergoing debt collection.

The Group’s operation features an innovative approach to accounts receivable management. The Group has devised and is employing an exceptional proprietary debt collection process based on the utilization of modern technology and automation in acquiring debtors’ contact data. The Group’s approach to the debt collection process is characterized by the following, in particular:

  • high level of effectiveness in contacting and staying in contact with debtors,
  • ability to implement and maintain an amortization schedule based on the optimum level of installments from the vantage point of the debtor’s solvency,
  • very low level of forgiveness of the accounts receivable undergoing collection,
  • striving to enhance efficiency in every one of the elements of this process and in parallel employing the courts and amicable means to collect debts (in justified instances).

The debt collection model adopted by the Group makes it possible to achieve high recoveries at the outset of the process and stable recoveries in the longer run by using amortization schedules in installments.

buying accounts receivable

The process of buying accounts receivable – depending on the type of accounts receivable presented for disposal, the type of institution representing the creditor, the sector and its complexity – differs in every instance. That is why we have gone to great lengths to ensure that every one of our regular and prospective customers is treated with full professionalism and the highest business culture. Our experts are waiting for you to contact us. Below we briefly depict our model of cooperation when buying accounts receivable.

After we receive an invitation from you to prepare a valuation or participate in a tender proceeding – we immediately proceed to work on the portfolio starting from the very first day. The valuation process is one of the main stages in this process – depending on the portfolio composition and type, it lasts from 7 to 30 days. In particular, the tender proceeding consists of the following:

  • entering into a confidentiality agreement,
  • determining the clauses of the assignment agreement or some other agreement to buy the accounts receivable and the terms and conditions for running the proceeding and further collaboration,
  • submitting a proposal,
  • conducting any possible talks, auctions and other purchase-related activities. A relationship manager is assigned to every one of our customers. This person comprehensively handles the proceeding to buy the accounts receivable on the market – your relationship manager is responsible for the accurate and fastest possible flow of information between GetBack and you.

The Department of Tender Process Service is responsible for coordinating these efforts and contact with you.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Aftersales service

After executing an accounts receivable transfer agreement, as we care about our customers’ satisfaction, GetBack designates the persons who are responsible for your comprehensive aftersales service. The designated relationship managers will be responsible for the following:

  • efficiently responding to all your questions concerning the accounts receivable package you sold,
  • coordinating the execution of annexes to transfer agreements,
  • running the process of implementing the given purchased portfolios.

At the stage of aftersales service, we focus chiefly on acting efficiently and with integrity and on communicating clearly and transparently.

Methods of reaching a debtor

Contact by telephone

Text message


Wide array of letters

Direct contact

Service in local branches

What sets us apart

  • rapid and effective recovery of funds that are potentially hard to recover
  • efficient valuation of accounts receivable portfolios and prompt transfer of funds to a client’s account
  • clear rules of collaboration
  • professional service of persons in debt
  • appropriate logistical and back office system support
  • effectiveness of actions taken
  • experienced and qualified staff members