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Today (on May 30th 2018), the newly appointed Management Board of GetBack S.A. released the preliminary unaudited consolidated financial statements of the GetBack Group for 2017. They confirm the amount of the Group’s consolidated net loss, as revealed earlier by the Management Board, of PLN 1.33bn. On the other hand, the amount of income producing assets of PLN 1.75bn is new information for the market. “The Company is in a very precarious position, but the biggest loss for 2017 is…

10 May 2018

GetBack recovery plan

The recovery plan in the form of accelerated arrangement proceedings on terms proposed by us assumes the repayment of receivables in a certain perspective and it gives the company a chance to resume its normal functioning on the market. In our opinion, this is the best solution for all groups of the company stakeholders – this is the main objective for the management board of GetBack S.A. during preparing and submitting to the District Court in Wrocław an application for…
Following the GetBack Management Board’s decision of April 30th 2018 on commencement of a restructuring process at the Company, on May 2nd 2018 a petition with a restructuring plan was filed with the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, 8th Commercial Insolvency and Restructuring Division. Initiation of the restructuring plan will enable securing and protection of the rights and interests of all the Company stakeholders, i.e. bondholders, shareholders and trading partners. Details of the restructuring plan will be promptly communicated…
GetBack S.A. is to set up a foundation, The Stefania Wilczyńska HopeBack Foundation: Get Your Life Back (HopeBack – Odzyskaj życie im. Stefanii Wilczyńskiej), whose mission will be to help families of children suffering from serious and difficult to treat medical conditions pay for their treatment. Patients from all over Poland who cannot afford to pay for their, often very expensive, treatment will be eligible to apply for the Foundation’s support. Calls for applications will be made quarterly. The applications…
The Management Board of GetBack S.A. would like to inform that on 28th March 2018 the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of GetBack S.A. with its registered office in Wrocław following the voting adopted a resolution on the first stage of the issuance of shares with a view to increasing the share capital of the Company. Prior to the voting pertaining to the second stage of the shares issuance the shareholders had voted in favour of the motion to adjourn the…
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