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Have you received a message from GetBack S.A.?

Is GetBack attempting to contact you? That means we are probably servicing your debt. GetBack services its own cases, conducts debt collection as a service and manages securitized accounts receivable owned by investment funds.

Are you at a loss in terms of what you should do after receiving a letter? Do you think you are unable to afford debt repayment?

Obtain favorable debt repayment terms and conditions by entering into individual arrangements with us! Proceed as follows:

1. Contact our relationship manager

2. Agree on convenient debt repayment conditions

3. Sign a settlement agreement

4. Get rid of the debt

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Do you have any questions? Call or write us - we will help you!
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GetBack S.A. offices

We will help and advise you on your case

Take advantage of the comprehensive service we offer to people in debt serviced by GetBack S.A. Visit us in our office in Lublin. During your visit to one of our offices at GetBack S.A., you will receive individual advice on your debt serviced by GetBack S.A. and you will be able to handle all the related formalities.

Debt repayment assistance:

  • there are no hopeless situations; that is why we will help you get out of debt,
  • our professional advisory services cover all the issues related to your debt,
  • direct contact with our negotiator offers an opportunity to find a comfortable solution to your debt.

Free of charge consultations:

  • a one-on-one meeting with our negotiator offers a convenient method of discussing your financial situation and jointly finding a solution to your debt-related problems,
  • consultations are to clarify the source of your debt and how to handle it,
  • our negotiator will present various debt repayment options aligned to your individual case.

Office visit – we offer:

  • handling payments of receivables in person or through an authorized person – with no additional fees,
  • individual arrangements for debt repayment conditions,
  • opportunity to enter into a settlement agreement aligned to your financial standing.

Remember to bring your personal identity card with you for your visit!

Local offices serving persons in debt


Al. Wincentego Witosa 16

+48 71 771 01 00