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Noteworthy stories

Katarzyna W. owner of a corner store

Kasia nurtures her relations with her neighbors. She has been running a small corner store in the neighborhood where she resides for many years. Her income diminished when a bigger store opened nearby. She had to take out a loan to sustain the store, but unfortunately she didn’t manage to repay it. One day, she received a letter containing a payment summons from GetBack S.A. delivered by the mailman. She was worried because she didn’t have enough money to make a bullet repayment. That is why she called her GetBack relationship manager and learned how she can obtain assistance to get out of debt and eliminate her debt problem in that manner.

Krzysztof K. veterinarian

Krzysztof tends to the health of animals on a daily basis. The clinic where he used to work was far away from his place of residence so he took out some debt by taking a loan to buy a car. For personal reasons he was unable to repay this loan and the overdue installments continued to climb. When he received a letter from GetBack advising him of the necessity to repay the debt, he didn’t know what he should do in this circumstance. He decided to call and ask about all the details by phone. That was the right step to take. His GetBack relationship manager helped him put in place a debt repayment plan toward his creditor with affordable installments. He signed the settlement agreement and he started to repay his debt in regular installments. Thanks to that he can once again tend to animals with peace of mind.

Anna Z. retired teacher

Ania has lived in Poznań for many years. She bought her dream apartment close to downtown by taking out a mortgage loan but after some time it turned out that she was unable to service it. One day she learned that GetBack, the company that had tried to reach her on her growing debt, has opened an office in her home town. She decided to hold a face-to-face conversation about her debt. That was a good decision. The office staff was very courteous and helpful. They advised Ania on how to get rid of her debt quickly: by signing a settlement agreement with her creditor. They explained to her why that solution is favorable to her.

Justyna B. student

Justyna moved out of her family home in Warsaw to study at her dream university. She never thought she would miss her family home so much. She frequently called her parents but she totally disregarded her hefty phone bills. She was unable to pay them over time. GetBack attempted to contact her about her debt. Initially, Justyna was unwilling to talk because she was unaware of how she should conduct herself. Her boyfriend persuaded her to write an email with an inquiry about her best debt repayment option. She quickly received a return message about the option to enter into a settlement agreement allowing her to repay her debt regularly through a mutually agreed plan with low installments and continue her studies.

Mariusz R. depot employee

Mariusz is married with three children. He fell into debt when one day he unexpectedly lost his job and for some time he was unable to find a new one. He did not respond to GetBack’s proposals to be in touch and to repay this debt amicably. When he finally found a job, the bailiff took an interest in his debt and then Mariusz elected to contact GetBack to learn what he could do to repay this debt without the bailiff’s participation. He signed a settlement agreement to repay the debt in convenient installments and the creditor retracted the case from the bailiff’s enforcement. Mariusz’s family regained peace of mind.

Adam P. photographer

Adam is passionately interested in nature and photography. That is why he bought a digital camera on an installment plan. He committed an error however when he calculated the costs and later he was unable to cover them. He didn’t want to lose his digital camera because of his growing debt because this camera was supposed to help him fulfill his passions. He called GetBack to learn about the options for amicable debt repayment. The relationship manager at GetBack explained the circumstances to him and proposed a memorandum of agreement. Adam signed the settlement agreement enabling him to keep his camera and every month he repays this debt in line with the agreed schedule.

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